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How to Attack in K-war

Pubdate 2017-09-27 18:07

Sword of Romance, as a MMORPG game focused on PK, has make the special effects of client games that allows players experience client game on mobile phone and enjoy PK every day. The most exciting part is the K-war at 8:00 in the evening.

K-war: The six available Kingdoms now are Wolf, Lion, Dragon, Deer, Shark and Eagle. 

The Nation officials can declare war toward enemy nation. Players can also help your allied nation with K-war.

After declaration the K-war, there will be a guidance to ask whether teleport to the battlefield or not. If you choose teleport, you can join the K-war.

First you should take over the Swordsgate, and then you can continue to fight. The Corporal at Swordsgate is in the center of the scene. Call your bro and sis to fight!

After the capture of the Swordsgate, you can choose either from the Royal City E or Royal City W to enter the Royal City of the enemy nation.

If you enter through the Royal City W, you should summon your army and attack the Sergeant W (which is on the left of the scene). When defeat the Sergeant W, you can attack Captain W, then the Major (Here I introduce you a tip: The distance between Major and Captain W is way too far. If you have a nation official, who has the Tiger Charm and go to the Major or Colonel when the Captain W is about to be captured, let him use the Tiger Charm so that the advance force.) It’s the same to the Royal City E. First the Sergeant E, then the Captain E and the next is Colonel.

Major and the Colonel are the shield for the General. Once you defeat one, you can attack the General. But pay attention to prevent from taking back by the defensive, otherwise the General can not be attacked. Come and find more skills and tips in game.