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How to Immigrate

Pubdate 2017-09-27 17:58

The game is consist of 6 countries: Wolf, Deer, Lion, Dragon, Shark and Eagle. Players select a nation at the beginning. Later they may need to change their nation. Let’s see how to immigrate.

1. First you need to go to the Immigration Officer near the General-king. You can tap on the Immigration Officer and teleport. 

2. Chat with officer can select immigrate, and there will be 5 nations.The fee varies according to the immigrants and the nation power. Immigrating to the powerful nation may cost more than ten thousand silver while to the weak nation may only cost thousands of silver. In order to balance the power, immigration to Empire is not allowed.

3 Immigration rules: Immigration is not allowed the first 3 days of server lauch. At the same time, you cannot immigrate during guild war or K-war at 19:00-21:00. Before the immigration, you need to leave your guild and finish the Millitary spying, Escort or Steal Destiny quest. After the immigration, your Nation’s position will be cleared. The K-war reward and feats will be distributed through email. Pay attention, after 3 days of immigration can you change the nations again.