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Card Introduction

Pubdate 2017-09-27 17:41

Card system uses cards to unlock sets and fate. Every time players unlock a fate can increase the stats. There are 15 parts in card book.

After the activation, players’ stats including HP, Magic DEF, Physical DEF, Physical ATK , Magic ATK and stats ATK can be increased. 

Card can be divided into colors. From the worst to the best is white, green, blue, purple, orange and red. There are 3 ways to get card: Trial&Tour, Card Shop and Ultimate Sword. In Study Tour, players can get white, green or blue cards. While in White horse wanders the nation, players can get purple, orange or red cards.

In Card Shop, players can spend card hero soul to but card. At 12:00 and 18:00, the Card Shop refreshes. Breakdown the spare cards, you can get card hero soul. Also, you can get card hero soul through Ultimate Sword.