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Guild Introduction

Pubdate 2017-09-27 17:19

Without guild, we cannot meet our friends. Without friends, we cannot conquer the world. Guild is one of the most essential part in social contact. There are thousands of guild activities and boon in game. Here are some introductions of the boons.

1. Guild skills

Once you donate money to the guild fund, you can learn the guild skills. The guild skill can be learned based on the guild dojo and increase your stats. Please check your class and choose to learn the suitable skills. Every skill level can increase the power and stats a lot.

2. Guild winery

Winery can produce wine for power, DEF and experience. Juyi Wine is used in guild bonfire and provides tons of experience. Champion Red can double the experience of killing mobs. Some Stats Wine provides BUFF. Wine can be divided into 6 colors: white, green, blue, purple, orange and red. White is the worst while red is the best. You can spend a little silver and guild donations to get wine. Do you want to speed up leveling up or have BUFF when battling? Go get wine! The duration of wine is 10 mins. 2x or 3x wine production has a chance of producing high quality wine. The guild winery is refreshed at certain time, please check and buy timely.

3. Guild salary

Guild salary is distributed based on the donation and the guild ranking every week.

4. Territory Reward

Once you have occupied territory in the country, you can win tons of experience and silver based on your position the next day. The higher position, the better the rewards.