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For New Players: How to Get Materials

Pubdate 2017-09-27 17:06

In Sword of Romance, we need all kinds of materials to develop the power. For example, develop gear, gear quenching and inlaid gems need materials. Train the realm and raise the God wings also need materials. Mount raising, mount washing and mount bloodline still also need materials…etc. Here are some ways to get materials. 

Gear materials

1. How to get gears
--Challenge Boss: Challenge the boss of different nations will drops different quality of gears. Whether you can get orange gears depends on your luck.
--Treasure Hunt: Clear the Treasure Hunt to get gears of high quality. It will be easier to challenge with friends.
--Raider Token: Use Raider Token to summon the Immortal Pirate, kill him will drop gears.
--Guild Gangster: Group together to defend against the invading robbers, with a chance to get gears.
--Guild Hideout: Kill the mobs in hideout, with a chance to get gears
--Fuse Gear: 3 gears of low quality can fuse a high quality gear.

2. Quenching Rock
--Buy quenching rock in either silver shop or gold shop.
--Qin-Tomb chamber: Clear the instance to get quenching rocks.
--Raider Token: When killing the Immortal Pirate, you have a chance to get quenching rock.

3. Gear Advancement Materials
--Buy gear advancement materials in shop just like the quenching rock. Silver Shop is recommended.
--Visit to South: Clear the instance to get all kinds of gear advancement materials.
-- Challenge Boss: World Boss will drops all kinds of materials. What matters is the chances to drop.

4. Gem inlaid
--You can buy gems in Kingdom war Treasury. But the gems level are relatively lower.
--Buy in shop with gold. The higher level of the gems, the more expensive.

--In Market, you can use honor to buy gems. The gem’s level is refreshed at random. You can also use gold to refresh. 

Mount Materials 

You need Mount Experience Pills to level up, Mount Pill for mount advancement, Wash Pill to wash, Blood Pill for bloodline.

All the material that mentioned above can be purchased in shop or you can get them from Sweep Horse-thieves instance. The majority of the materials can be buy with gold. In addition, Sweep Horse-thieves can drop some materials. You can challenge once a day. The more people challenge together, the more it drops. So grouping is recommended. Also, the Guild pig raising will drop mount material. Please remember to go.

Wing Raising

Wing Raising requires Feathers. When raise to a certain level, it needs Spirit wing soul to breakthrough. Both of them can be purchased in shop, or you can get them through events. You can even buy them in Honor Shop.

Realm Training

Realm Training required Gnosis Value. You can use Gnosis Pills to get Gnosis Value. If you want to breakthrough, you need Realm Breaker. You can get gnosis value from Daily Reward and fulfill the task with silver. It is cheap and convenient.

In shop, you can buy Gnosis Pill and Realm Breaker. Or you can get them from Warlord Discussion, which is unlocked at level 40. You can challenge a more difficult instance when you reach 60, 80 or 100 level. Clear the instance and you will get tons of Gnosis Pills and Realm Breakers.


1. Trial& Tour: In Study Tour you can spend 4500 silver to study 5 times or use 400 gold to sweep 5 times. You will also have 5 times for free study every day.

2. Ultimate Sword: In this instance, you can challenge 3 times every day and get purple cards when defeat the mobs.

3. Card shop: In Card shop, you will see cards of different qualities including the highest red card. The price is of course more expensive. You can also buy the card you need with card hero soul.


In Fame interface, you can promote your civil position to get gold and your military position to get silver. The higher the position is, the more salary you can get. If you want to increase your civil position, get fame from daily trivia, in which you can use silver to get the right answer. If you choose the wrong answer, the reward will be reduced.

If you want to increase your military position, you can get signets by defeating the players of enemy’s nation. Or donate money in the Nation Interface.

Guild Contribution

Guild Contribution enables you to purchase materials in Guild Shop. You can also use donation to learn Guild skills. There are 6 ways to get donation:
1. Guild Donation: You can donate money and get contributions.

2. Guild Quest: If you want to complete the task faster, you can use silver to complete.

3. Guild Gangster: Defend against the invading robbers to get contributions.

4. Guild Hideout: Join and clear the hideout can provide you contributions.

5. Guild pig raising: Help the guild master to get the pig and feed it. You need to complete some tasks. Then you can get contributions.

6. Territory Battle: Complete the mission and then you can get contributions.