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Saber Introduction

Pubdate 2017-09-27 16:52

Saber: Laughing to ask who can fight for peace, I make immortals kneel in one blow! Saber is Melee Magic who use sword as weapon. Each boy and girl has a dream of wandering the world with one sword. Li ChunGang, Deng taie and Huang Zhentu...the charm of swordmaster attracts us and won our heart.

Saber is good at Thunder ATK, player can activate the card of Thunder ATK first.

The Saber Lv41 skill “Featherweight” can greatly increase dodge and lifesteal for a few seconds. 

The Saber Lv61 skill “Immortal peak” :coming from above and attack nearby enemies, with a chance to blind them and make their attack miss.

The Saber Lv81 skill “A Sword to the Sky” can ignore all DEF stats of enemy and make extra crit hit.