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Lancer Introduction

Pubdate 2017-09-27 15:49

Lancer: Conquer the world without equal, destroy a formation of 3000 miles. Lancer is Melee Physical with high ATK, who is an essential ad carry in group battle. Lancer use spear as weapon to charge and shatter enemy position. Speargod Wang Xiu, Chen Zhibao and Xu Yanbing are the spear master.

Lancer is good at Fire ATK, player can activate the card of Fire ATK first.

The Lancer Lv41 skill “Armored” can make damage reflection for a short time, while becoming immune to knock-backs.

The Lancer Lv61 skill “Avalanche” :while greatly decreasing enemy’s movement speed, with a chance to stun.

The Lancer Lv81 skill “Purple Plums”: Every enemy you hit, you'll get additional ATK and DEF.