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Caster Introduction

Pubdate 2017-09-27 15:33

Caster: Regulate the world with excellent plan and righteousness. The Caster is a Ranged Magic assistant who uses fan as a weapon. He shuttle back and forth for his heart, for the people, for the lost knowledge, and for the peace.


Caster is good at Weter ATK, player can activate the cards of Water ATK first.

The Caster Lv41 skill “Mutual Learning” can absorb HP from nearby enemies and convert a portion of it to your own.

The Caster Lv61 skill “Seductive” has the chance to stun the enemies and make them lost power.

The Caster Lv81 skill “Dominant” can Attack nearby enemies, greatly decreasing their DEF, with a chance to root them for 3s.