Find lover for years

Pubdate 2017-09-18 14:50

Best Pictures of Jinling Awards
Best Story of Mobile Network Game Awards 2017
Nominated by 4 awards by the Asian Games Awards
Anticipated by Most National War fans, published by IGN

Lv Dongxuan, the No.1 master of swordcraft, reincarnated and fell in love with the daughter of the infante but they were finally pulled apart. When the poor girl was about to die of sickness, Lv found that she was the one he loved for thousand years!
To save her life, Lv took up his sword and swore to the god that he would give up his life, instead, the girl will become immortal.
I keep seeking my love, but finally I find you and keep holding your hand...

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The most romantic wedding in 2017, is only for you!
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Anchors from Mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia gather here!
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You can trade with other players directly!